Rountree Furniture Water Cooler Cabinets



2 - Sides
1 - Face Frame
1 - Top


12 - Cam Connectors
12 - Connector pins
1 - knob w/screw


Phillips head screwdriver
1 - Allen wrench (provided)
Assembly time
1 person - 15 minutes

  1. Start by laying the frame, face down on a clean soft surface. The 8 holes in the back of the frame should be facing you.
  2. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, turn the connector pins into the holes until the shoulders contact the wood surface.
  3. Do the same on the underside of the top with the remaining 4 connector pins.
  4. Place the cam connectors into the holes in the sides. Be sure the arrows on the cams face the holes on the edges. You will put 6 connector cams into each side.
  5. Stand the face frame up (the top is marked).
  6. Slide the right side (the sides are marked) onto the pins so the cams are engaged with the pins. Using the wrench provided, turn the cams in a clockwise direction until they are tight. Repeat this process for the left side.
  7. Place the top (the front is marked) onto the top of the cabinet so the pins engage the cams. You will need to spring the sides in or out to allow the pins to engage the cams. Tighten the cams as you did in the above step.
  8. Add the doorknob. You can change the knob style anytime.
  9. The cabinet is now ready to place over the cooler. Slide it back over the cooler until the door is in front of the water spigots.
  10. To replace the water bottle, simply slide the cabinet away from the cooler for access to the bottle.

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